Community Service

Signature Project 2023 - Concern on Mental Health

2023重點活動之一 : 關注都市人心理健康



A Signature Project 2023 - Concern on mental health

We are increasingly busy with work, leading to a growing interest in work-life balance and health related issue. This has sparked more discussion and research on physical and mental well-being in society. This project aims to address the mental health of individuals, hoping to raise awareness and provide practical assistance to those in need. We will collaborate with relevant service agency to arrange hotline service staffed by volunteers. Through training, volunteers will acquire skills in handling calls and managing different case scenarios, such as understanding various mental distress conditions, recognizing warning signs, and engaging with emotionally unstable individuals in a friendly manner. This will enable them to effectively provide a comforting environment. Volunteers who complete the training will receive certification and may join the hotline service, actively answering calls and following up on cases. Alleviating mental health issues is a slow and ongoing process. We need to continuously update our knowledge to address different cases and needs. By helping others, we also help ourselves; we believe that both parties benefit from the process of listening and enforced communication.

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