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Message from the Chairman



熱烈歡迎來到扶輪3450區社區服務委員會(DCSC)網頁! 我們非常感謝您花時間了解更多關於扶輪社、扶青社、扶少團、扶輪社區服務團和新成立的扶輪義工網絡(RVN)的社員及義工在香港、澳門、蒙古、廣東及其他地區所提供的服務。

在總監李兆民的大力領導下,RVN 於 2023-24 年扶輪成立,它使扶輪社員、扶輪家庭成員和朋友能夠共同致力於社區服務項目。 扶輪區委員會和各扶輪社可以向 RVN 提出即將推出的服務項目,而 RVN 又將向其數據庫中註冊的義工通報服務機會。 RVN 數據庫由扶輪區 3450 總部維護,以確保機密性和數據隱私。

此外,DCSC 於 2023 年 6 月舉辦了地區社區服務研討會,讓扶輪社員了解增強各自服務項目影響力的最新方法。 歡迎扶輪社邀請 DCSC 成員在各社社務會議上就扶輪社的項目生命週期、扶輪展示等進行演講。DCSC 還將在本扶輪年後期舉辦未來3450區及地域項目設計競賽, 歡迎所有扶輪社和扶青社友參加,如果提案隨後獲得通過,競賽獲勝者將有機會領導地區/地域的項目。

我們期待在 RVN 未來的活動和社區服務項目中見到您。



方奕展 前區總監


Dear Rotarians and friends,


A warm welcome to the webpage of the District Community Service Committee (DCSC) of Rotary District 3450!  We are grateful that you have taken time to understand more about the range of community service offered by volunteers from Rotary clubs, Rotaract clubs, Interact clubs, Rotary Community Corps and the newly formed Rotary Volunteer Network (RVN), in Hong Kong, Macao, Mongolia, Guangdong and beyond. 

Under the capable leadership of District Governor Andy Li, RVN has been formed in Rotary Year 2023-24 and it enables Rotarians, members of Rotary Family and friends to work together on community service projects.  Rotary District’s Committees and clubs can put forward upcoming service projects to the RVN which in turn will inform volunteers registered on its database regarding the service opportunities.  The RVN database is maintained by the head office of Rotary District 3450 to ensure confidentiality and data privacy.

In addition, the DCSC has organized a District Community Service Seminar in June 2023 while Rotarians learnt about latest techniques to enhance impact of their respective service projects.  Rotary clubs are welcomed to invite members of DCSC to deliver presentation at club meetings on the Rotary's Lifecycle of Project, Rotary Showcase etc.  The DCSC will also host a Future District/Area projects design competition in later part of the Rotary Year.  All Rotarians and Rotaractors are welcomed to join and winners of the competition will have a chance to lead the District/Area projects if the proposals are subsequently adopted.

We look forward to seeing you in our future activities and community service projects of RVN.


Yours in service,

PDG Eugene Fong

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