Dear Rotarians of D3450,


There are only a few days left before 30 June. Let’s summarize what have been achieved by our Rotarians in this Rotary Year and what have to be followed up.


Achievements by D3450

Among many, we highlight two below:


Net Membership Gain:

Up to the final week of June, we have a net gain of around 340 new members.


It is the conjoint effort of our existing clubs in recruitment and retention, the chartering of new clubs, and our District Membership Committee.


Thank All club leaders, Charter Presidents with their Charter Members, And District Membership Committee Chair PDG Eugene and his team.


Substantial Membership Gain is the RI Goal for each year.


If we believe Rotary is to Serve, making the World a better place to Live, we must engage as many as possible compassionate Quality People into our Team each year.


And Quality can be nurtured and should be mentored.


Donation to TRF:

So far as dated today, our District ranks the 10th among all Districts in donation, and the 3rd among Districts in Zone 10 B, and the Second per capita in the Rotary World. Up to now we have in total from all various items donated at more than 1.4 million USD. Again we have to plan next how to make the best use of these donations from our generous Rotarians in our Grant service projects.


Also the number of Grant projects submission has reached a high level both in quantity and quality.


Donate more, utilise more in order to do more good to our community.


Thank all club leaders, all Donors and DRFC Chair PDG Jones and his team. 

The DGND Selection Issue


The proposed resolutions:

i.  RC/4-2019, (about Ballot by Mail to select DGND);

ii. RC/4a-2019 (about 3 year membership restriction for DNC starting from 2016-17);

iii. RC/4b-2019 (about pre-Q in DNC of our District)


They were all not passed in District Conference.


About “Ballot by Mail” as sole DGND selection method:

Since there has been confusion among our Rotarians on the apparent difference in the provisions of RI Bylaws 14.030 and 14.040 for Ballot by Mail if chosen as the sole method of selecting DGND, an inquiry after District Conference was raised to RI for clarification and advice.


RI clarified the following:

a) concerning Ballot by Mail if sole selected as the DGND Selection method:


“Current RI Bylaws 14.040 is the process to follow when someone challenged the candidate who is picked by the nominating committee, in the nominating committee selecting method. That is the reason that the term "nominating committee" appears in 14.040. To avoid further confusions, RI updated this part of bylaws and clear the languages. Please download the new Bylaws of Rotary International effective July 1st, 2019. The sections are now in 12.040 and 12.050” (see RI Bylaws 12.040 & 12.050)


b. About The future of our Nominating Committee method:


RI clarified that,

“concerning the status of our Nominating Committee method:

D3450 can choose either ballot by mail or calling a District Legislation Meeting to determine the new composition and terms of reference of the Nominating Committee for governor. As explained before, this step should be completed before the DG convening the Nominating Committee.”


c.  About Pre-Q checking of DGND candidates

RI also clarified earlier on 13 April 2019 that the checking on qualifications of Governor-Nominee candidates should be based on those specified in RI Bylaws, no more and no less.


(qualifications of Governor-Nominee required by RI are stated in the new Bylaws of Rotary International Article 16.010 effective from 1 July 2019, see RI Bylaws 16.010)


For DGND Selection issue follow up in RY 2019-20:


DGE Wilson will be leading D3450 to follow up this issue. I hope you will all support him as much as you have been supporting me.


Many thanks indeed.

FINAL but not the least,


Rotarians, please remember:







Thank you ALL for every effort you have dedicated!


Best from our heart,


DG YC & Linda

27 June 2019

RI Bylaws
RI Bylaws 12.040 & 12.050
RI Bylaws 16.010

District Rotary Foundation Committee

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