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Dear All Rotarians,
We have now the 100th Rotary Club, one in HK, the Rotary Club of Neoteric Hong Kong, the First Rotary Club transformed from a Satellite club! 
Another is in Mongolia, the RC of Baruunzam Ulaanbaatar; and is formed by a Charter President who is a Korean Rotarian!
Let’s applaud loudly to celebrate the two! 
As I have said in District Report in District Conference just completed with success about 10 days ago, District Governor selected by Rotarians bears the duties and responsibilities to serve Rotary, District, Clubs and Rotarians especially in the field of Membership growth, Donation to The Rotary Foundation, Public Image And Branding and to facilitate more inspirational Humanitarian services to make our World a better place to live. 
Let’s look at the figures below as they are summarised by Zone leaders that illustrated our accomplishments:

(Above) The Summary of TRF Contribution of Districts in Zone 9 in the year 2018 - 19 (as at 2019.05.25)
Columns (from left to right): District, Annual Fund, PolioPlus Fund, Other Funds, Endowment Fund, Total Contribution, Total Contribution per Capita.

(Below) Enhance Membership

Thank you All Rotarians that The accomplishments are due to You, everyone of You that we are now at this point. 
Also my heartfelt thank to PDG Eugene and his wonderful team, the Club Presidents And leaders that have recruited and retained members, and the Charter Presidents And Charter Members that have passionately and bravely formed new clubs from good quality leaders of our community. 
Again Thank PDG Jones and the DRFC Members that have got the 1.36 million USD donation amount, and all those who have donated at every level of donation to TRF. 
We are not at the finishing line yet. Dear Members, keep on the endeavour of retaining and recruiting, and in donation and grant projects execution. 
These accomplishments are the important parts of our Mission of Be the Inspiration this year, that is, 
To lay down the concrete sustainable layer of foundation for our District’s future years for furtherance. 
Thank You, Thank You and Thank You!!!
Best from my heart,
The 59th District Conference was brought to a successful close!
Thank all who have joined District Conference and have made it a Family Reunion with Fellowship and Harmony!
Thank RIPPR PRID John Smarge And lovely Cindy Smarge! Thank also RIDN PDG Surgeon who came to honor the newly chartered clubs with his generous donation into their clubs' red boxes.
Inspired, by not only the distinguished speeches by Mr Francis Lui, Mr Ronnie CHAN And the most inspiration speech from RIPPR PRID John Smarge, we are also inspired by the following:

Dear Rotarians,


The following is the summary of the result of the votings by Club Representatives in the 59th District Conference on 19th May 2019:—


1.          RC/1-2019.


2.          RC/2-2019.


3.          RC/3-2019.


4.          Proposed Resolution by DGE Wilson Cheng to assign DGE Wilson Cheng to organise the 60th District Conference.


5.          Amendment as proposed by DG YC in response to the demand by some participants in the floor and then seconded by PDG Vincent To to add RI Bylaws 14.040 into the RC/4-2019.


6.          Amended RC/4-2019.

Not passed

7.          RC/4a-2019.

Not passed

8.          RC/4b-2019.

Not passed

9.          RC/5-2019.


10.      RC/6-2019.

Not passed

11.      RC/7-2019.


(Please refer to the attached proposed Resolutions.)


So in summary,

A.   All courtesy resolutions including the new one to appoint DGE Wilson to organise the 60th District Conference were All PASSED.


B.  All concerning Election issues including the amended Resolution about Ballot By Mail were NOT PASSED.


C.  The RC/5-2019 about District future initiatives and the RC/7-2019 about Rotaract Support Fund were PASSED.


Thank again all the Club Representatives who have insisted to execute their rights of determining the fate of these District issues by their votes in the 59th District Conference.


Best from my Heart,



Courtesy Resolutions (RC1-3-2019)
DG Selection Process (RC4, 4a, 4b-2019)
Other resolutions (RC5-7 2019)
District Resolution No RC 1 - 2014
Bylaws of Rotary International
Rotary Code of Policies
Rotary International Convention 2019
At our 2019 convention, Rotary members become insiders — the first to discover the latest news, along with the ideas and strategies that drive Rotary.

Whether it’s a chance meeting at the House of Friendship that leads to a new project partner, or a speaker who inspires you to take action, you’ll find plenty of excitement around you. Explore new cultures and fresh perspectives by taking part in preconvention meetings, unofficial affiliated events, and Rotary- and host-ticketed activities.

See you all in Hamburg!
Task group on Strengthening Rotary Youth Services
Dear Rotarians, 
Rotaract Clubs are now Members of RI, the same Eye to Eye Level with Rotary Clubs in RI membership. 
A new era is born in Rotary. 
DG has before formed the Task Group comprising of experienced Rotarians and Rotaract leaders to consolidate and expand the brain tank works in Rotary Youth Services over the past years. 
The following will be the report in QR code for each of the 4 functional groups under the Task Group for Strengthening Rotary Youth Services. 
We hope these are the treasure for our future leaders for their reference.
Group 1 — Training for Rotary Youths, led by PDG Eric Chin
Group 2 – How to strengthen Rotaract Clubs, led by PDG Eugene Fong
Group 3 - Strengthening the liaison of Interact to Rotaract to Rotary, led by CP Patrick Poon
Group 4 – How to strengthen vocational strength of Rotaractors, led by PDG Belinda Yeung
2019 District Interact Conference
2019 District Interact Conference was held successfully on 25th May morning at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  We have over 200 Interactors, Rotarians, Rotaractors and guests joined and celebrated the success of 2018-19 Interact years.  The Conference Theme was "How to Make Your Dream Come True".  Highlight is the 14 years old young Keynote Speaker Hillary Yip who started her business at 12.  She shared and interacted with her expereince - "How to Make her Dream Come True".  The Interact Conference was organized by Conference Director interactor William under the supervision of Vice Chair Rotarian Samson. 

Thanks for coming and support the Interact Conference.

PP Gabriel Li
District Interact Chair
Rehabilitation International Asia & Pacific Regional Conference
Dear Rotarians, 
It is a prestige opportunity to be pairing the two RIs—Rotary International and the Rehabilitation International for over a decade a meeting together for the common goal—to serve the needed in rehabilitation. 
Please join and appreciate this opportunity. 
Thank lots!

Rehabilitation International Asia & Pacific Regional Conference

26 (Wed) to 28 (Fri) June 2019, Macau

Rehabilitation International (RIG), founded in 1922, is a global organization and network that empowers persons with disabilities and provides sustainable solutions toward achieving a more inclusive society for them.  It has much linkage with Rotary.  Edgar Allen, the founding president of National Society for Crippled Children (forerunner of RIG) was a Rotarian in Ohio, USA.  The rehabilitation movement in the early days was attributed to the support of Rotary Clubs. Paul Harris was to call the “crippled children movement the most illustrious offspring of Rotary.” Paul Harris himself served as the first Chairman when International Society for Crippled Children (now RIG) was established in 1922.

To celebrate the journey together over the past 100 years, a plenary session during the Rehabilitation International Asia & Pacific Regional Conference is dedicated to showcase the rehabilitation service projects that Rotary Clubs in District 3450 have carried out.  DG YC Ho will be moderating the session.  We are now calling for club presidents and Rotarians to participate in conference and the plenary session.


Rehabilitation International Asia & Pacific Regional Conference

Date: 26 (Wed) to 28 (Fri) June 2019

Venue: Venetian Macao Resort Hotel

Program: https://www.rimacau2019.org/daily-program/

Registration Fees:





3-Day Full Program for Macao and Hong Kong Residents




1-Day Special Program (including Welcome Dinner) for Rotarians*




1-Day Special Program (excluding Welcome Dinner) for Rotarians*




* 1-Day Special Program is for Day 1 of the conference only. Registration Fee includes the following items:

·         lunch and tea breaks

·         One souvenir set: conference bag, selected stationery, USB & conference booklet

Free admission to the Art with the Disabled Exhibition and Assistive Device Exhibition 
For further information
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Three generations of Rotary, connected in fellowship
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RC Admiralty - Service Project
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RC Abacus & RC Peninsula East - Service Project
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