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Dear All Rotarians,
For the sake of those who missed the District Forum on 2nd May about the proposed resolutions, I would like to share with you a very brief summary of the few key points brought by the Forum participants concerning the DGND selection method as follows:
a)    The District has to be compliant with and follow RI Policy regardless of the extent of internal consultation.
b)    It is unfortunate that this matter has not been settled earlier before.
c)    RI Bylaws allow more than one method of selecting DGND, District can decide which method to adopt, with a governing District Resolution.
d)    Originally, proposals to amend RC/1-2014 to incorporate RI Policy of 3-year restriction in Nominating Committee membership were invited. However, apart from receiving proposed amendments to RC/1-2014, proposals of using "Ballot-by-Mail" method to replace the "Nominating Committee plus Pre-Q" method under RC/1-2014 were also received.
e)    It is the District's obligation to consolidate formally submitted proposals into proposed resolutions for clubs to vote.
f)    The proposed resolutions cover "Ballet-by-Mail" method (RC/4-2019) and amendements (RC/4a-2019 and RC/4b-2019) to the current "Nomination Committee plus Pre-Q" method under RC/1-2014. Since there will be only one method to be adopted, either RC/4 or RC/4a plus 4b will be passed but not both.
g)    There were views that the matter should take longer time for consultation, while there were also views that it is the adequacy of the consultation that counts, not the time. (please see attached for chronology of actions since February 2019 presented at the Forum)
h)    The consequence could not be predicted if the next Nominating Committee starts to function before the matter on RI policy compliance is settled.
If there is any major point at the Forum that may affect the understanding of the DGND selection matter but not covered above, please let me know. All forum notes recorded by DS WT Wong can be provided on request. 
If you did not join the Forum and have a different point to raise on the matter, please email me and copy to RIC by 5pm of 14 May 2019 the latest.
Have a nice day!

May 2014

D3450 passed District Resolution RC/1-2014.

RY 2014-15 onwards

Current DNC methodology effective

Sept 2016

RI passed policy : 3 years membership restriction.

RY 2017-18

D3450 assumed this RI Policy will start from RY 17-18 onwards.

Nov 2018

Still assume RI Policy effective from RY 17-18 onwards

Feb 2019

Got RI instruction:
This RI Policy was effective from RY 16-17 onwards !

15 Feb 2019

To All Rotarians:    

      All District have to follow this RI Policy   

      effective from RY 16-17 onwards...   

      invite DGE Wilson to propose amendment to current RC/1-2014 to be resolved in DC

22 Feb 2019

To PDG Belinda :

      same content and ask for amendment.

1 Mar 2019

To PDG Council:     

  1. Above two RI instructions   
  2. Ask for time line to solve this in DC or DLM

1 Mar 2019

DG Weekly Newsletter:    

      To All Rotarians:    

      RI messages that to count from RY16-17, and all District has to follow.   

      And ask DGE Wilson to propose amendment, and ask Rotarians to pass the amendment in upcoming DC.

5 Mar 2019

DMC meeting: 

      DG reported RI instructions and DGE Wilson was absent without any report on proposal of amendment.

      Call for Proposals to DMC members and Rotarians.

7 Mar 2019

To both PDG Belinda & DGE Wilson:  

      ask for proposal   

      I will follow RI urge to have this term of reference amended in this Rotary Year.

12 Mar 2019 Afternoon

DSPC meeting chaired by DGE Wilson:

Agreed not to hold another District Legislation Meeting if it can be settled in DC.

12 Mar 2019 Evening


Reported RI messages and call for proposals from Rotarians for amendments.

17 Mar 2019

Started District Resolution Update on  

35th issue of DG Weekly Newsletter:

  1. telling Rotarians to complete this term of reference in this RY, otherwise next DNC cannot starts to function.
  2. further asking Rotarians for proposals and DG is impartial to any proposals submitted.

22 Mar 2019

District Resolution Update on

36th issue DG Weekly Newsletter:

      4 principles in practising our current DNC method.

24 Mar 2019

PP Johnny Lee proposed to change the membership of the Ad-hoc committee on Pre-Q of DNC.

26 Mar 2019

PP KC WONG sent to District his proposal of amending with the 3 years membership restriction into our DNC.

29 Mar 2019

District Resolution Update on
37th issue DG Weekly Newsletter:

      In addition to repeat the 4 RI messages and

      the 4 Principles in practise of our current DNC,

      another last call for proposals and firstly put 15/4/19 as the date due for proposals.

2 Apr 2019

another DG message to All Rotarians as the last call for proposals and mentioning

2 Apr 2019


Reported 2 proposals and ask if any before deadline on 15/4/19

8 Apr 2019

District Resolution Update on
38th issue of DG Weekly Newsletter

9 Apr 2019


Reported the matter and answered questions from club Ps about the matter.

3 Apr 2019

Email to DGE Wilson as

      last call for his proposal and

      date due on 15/4/19.

      already 2 proposals from PPs.

7 Apr 2019

Email to PDG BY :

      again for proposal if any,

      reminded date due on 15/4/19,

      and received 2 proposals already on captioned matter.

11 Apr 2019

PP CF WONG proposed Ballot by Mail

11 Apr 2019

P Wendy Mung proposed Ballot by Mail

12 Apr 2019

DGE Wilson for Ballot By Mail

12 Apr 2019

PDG Belinda on behalf of PDG Council for Ballot By Mail

12 Apr 2019

CP Chris for Ballot By Mail

15 Apr 2019

CP Sally on behalf of RC E club Tamar for Ballot By Mail

16 Apr 2019

39th issue DG Newsletter telling Rotarians that District has received many proposals illustrating our Rotarians knowledgeable about the matter.

19 Apr 2019

All proposals sent to club Ps with a month’s time for preparing to discuss among club members before DC

23 Apr 2019

40th issue of DG Weekly Newsletter to All Rotarians with all Proposals, RI documents and Current RC/1-2014 posted for reference; and also mentioned a District Forum on 2 May for more understanding and more communication among Rotarians.

March and April

In Re-DG Visit to RCs:

Star Avenue, The HUB, Macau, Queensway, Kingspark HK, Joint 4 clubs in Macao,

And Meeting with Club Ps in
A1, A8, A5, A3, A6,

I have discussed in details with Rotarians and Club leaders about the issue.

Courtesy Resolutions (RC1-3-2019)
DG Selection Process (RC4, 4a, 4b-2019)
Other resolutions (RC5-7 2019)
District Resolution No RC 1 - 2014
Bylaws of Rotary International
Rotary Code of Policies
(NEW!) Program Rundown
Peace through Mediation Seminar

The first peace through mediation seminar organised by Rotary International District 3450was successfully held on 6 April 2019(Sat) with over 250 registrations. We are glad to have the support from 10 outstanding speakers and 8 renowed government bodies, professional/service organisations including Hong Kong Design Institute & Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Lee Wai Lee), Department of Justice, Education Bureau, Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors, Joint Mediation Helpline Office, Junior Chamber International Hong Kong, Po Leung Kuk and UNESCO Hong Kong Peace Centre. 

The seminar aimed to create a positive awareness to rotary peace highlighting the various available means to resolve conflict/disputes. It also promotes peace through the use of mediation to resolve dispute in different professions that our Rotarians are engaged in. With the development of mega-scale infrastructure and construction projects as a result of the Belt and Road initiative and the Greater Bay Area development, we see this initiative will be attractive to members and help to promote rotary in the Hong Kong and Macau communities.

PDG Jason Chan
District Rotary Foundation Commmittee
Rehabilitation International Asia & Pacific Regional Conference
Dear Rotarians, 
It is a prestige opportunity to be pairing the two RIs—Rotary International and the Rehabilitation International for over a decade a meeting together for the common goal—to serve the needed in rehabilitation. 
Please join and appreciate this opportunity. 
Thank lots!

Rehabilitation International Asia & Pacific Regional Conference

26 (Wed) to 28 (Fri) June 2019, Macau

Rehabilitation International (RIG), founded in 1922, is a global organization and network that empowers persons with disabilities and provides sustainable solutions toward achieving a more inclusive society for them.  It has much linkage with Rotary.  Edgar Allen, the founding president of National Society for Crippled Children (forerunner of RIG) was a Rotarian in Ohio, USA.  The rehabilitation movement in the early days was attributed to the support of Rotary Clubs. Paul Harris was to call the “crippled children movement the most illustrious offspring of Rotary.” Paul Harris himself served as the first Chairman when International Society for Crippled Children (now RIG) was established in 1922.

To celebrate the journey together over the past 100 years, a plenary session during the Rehabilitation International Asia & Pacific Regional Conference is dedicated to showcase the rehabilitation service projects that Rotary Clubs in District 3450 have carried out.  DG YC Ho will be moderating the session.  We are now calling for club presidents and Rotarians to participate in conference and the plenary session.


Rehabilitation International Asia & Pacific Regional Conference

Date: 26 (Wed) to 28 (Fri) June 2019

Venue: Venetian Macao Resort Hotel

Program: https://www.rimacau2019.org/daily-program/

Registration Fees:





3-Day Full Program for Macao and Hong Kong Residents




1-Day Special Program (including Welcome Dinner) for Rotarians*




1-Day Special Program (excluding Welcome Dinner) for Rotarians*




* 1-Day Special Program is for Day 1 of the conference only. Registration Fee includes the following items:

·         lunch and tea breaks

·         One souvenir set: conference bag, selected stationery, USB & conference booklet

Free admission to the Art with the Disabled Exhibition and Assistive Device Exhibition 
For further information
Registration Form
Service Projects Market Place
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