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District Rotary Foundation Committee
For over 100 years, The Rotary Foundation has been supporting the work of Rotarians like you, who find sustainable solutions to their communities' most pressing needs. Rotarians are hard at work to improve lives around the world. But there is still much to do, and we need your help. ( Message from "the Rotarian" December 2018).

Let us share with you what you have committed to Doing Good in The World  with your District Grants in this Rotary Year since July 2018.

The District Grant Subcommittee has gone through all the applications with proper documentation with the following requirement:
1. Club Qualification with MOU being signed by IPP and P, and each club having at least one member attending the District Grant Seminar;
2. Financial Management Plan signed by the President;
3. Commitment for EREY.

A total of 61 District Grants have been awarded for a total amount of US$247,000.00. This involves 65 Rotary Clubs in serving the community with 39 humanitarian projects, 7 VTT's, 2 Scholarships, and 12 projects of combined natures.

Two important dates to remember:
1. 31 March 2019 (Sunday)  date by which projects must be completed;
2. 30 April 2019 (Tuesday) date by which all Clubs must submit the District Grant Summary Report and all Original Receipts for audit and reimbursement (Receipts will be returned to Clubs upon completion and payment)

Friendly Reminder: Strict Stewardship and to declare conflict of interest is highly recommended.

Your participations in District Grant programs give us an impact on our world and we thank you.

PDG Jones Wong, Chair of DRFC
Opening Ceremony of Wall of Honors
There are net gain of 128 members making our total members in RI D3450 to 2481 this close” to 2500! Thank to ALL Club Presidents, ALL Club members, and District Membership Development Cmt Chaired by PDG Eugene.
Rotary Branding  Campaign  with Bus Stop TV and Social Media 2 Nov - 13 Dec 2018
Episode 5
(30 Nov-6 Dec 2018) of the 6 consecutive weeks (2 Nov-13 Dec 2018) Rotary Branding Campaign through the brand-new Bus station TV network.
Rotary Social Enterprise Doctor Service Project - Voluntary Corporate Doctor Team to support social enterprises to improve business operation and achieve business sustainability for creating long lasting social enterprise business models.
Photo frame: 
Broadcast 200K 30-second videos at 9 bus stations, reaching 20million people.
Coming programmes:
- Riding the Waves - Homeless Youth
Rotary HK Ultramarathon 2019 - Invitation
Dear Rotarians,


We would like to announce that Rotary HK Ultramarathon 2019 will be held on Mar 24, 2019 (Sunday) in Central. We are seeking your generous support for this impressive event.


This is the 5th year of the event since 2015. Riding on the great success of previous years, we will continue to invite professional running athletes from both local and overseas. We hope it can become a signature event of Rotary which promote a positive image, healthy and team spirit to local and international communities.


As another event highlight, Rotary Carnival is a good fellowship among Clubs, families and friends. It also benefits NGOs for public education and fund raising activities. With around 50 carnival booths and game zone, we believe it will have great public awareness which engage families and kids to have fun during a public holiday.


Relay Team:

-          Rotary Clubs (HK$6,000 / HK$5,400*)

-          Corporate (HK$6,000 / HK$5,400*)

-          Sister Clubs (HK$6,000 / HK$5,400*)

-          Community Service (HK$3,000)

-          New Generations (HK$1,500)


Type of Sponsorship:

-          Diamond Sponsor (HK$300,000)

-          Platinum Sponsor (HK$200,000)

-          Gold Sponsor (HK$100,000)

-          Silver Sponsor (HK$50,000)

-          Bronze Sponsor (HK$30,000)


Other kinds of sponsorship including Advertisements on various channels, Carnival Booth as well as Gala Dinner.


Your sponsorship and participations make the event different! Both Race Registration and Sponsorship are opened for application.


Your earliest feedback will be appreciated. Stay tuned for the event details from our website: www.rotaryhkum.com or Facebook Fanpage: Rotary HK Ultramarathon.


*Early bird offers available from now until Dec 07, 2018.


Yours in Rotary,

Dominic Chu

Organising Committee Chair

2018-19, Rotary Hong Kong Ultramarathon

Email: kpdominic@yahoo.com.hk

Mobile: 852-90366732

Registration Form

Website: www.rotaryhkum.com

FB: https://www.facebook.com/rhkum/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/rotary_hk_ultramarathon/

District NanSha Trip

國際扶輪3450地區探索大灣區三日兩夜南沙區之旅圓滿結束,這次考察行程內容豐富,讓我們能夠從不同的層面,包括經濟活動、工業領域、社區配套、青年創業、康體設施、民生發展、旅遊景點、地產項目等,全方位深入地了解廣州南沙區 - 粵港澳大灣區的唯一自貿區的發展方向和社會面貌。由於南沙大灣區是近年中央重點發展項目之一,認識南沙亦讓我們更了解中國未來的發展路向。

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