Dear Presidents & fellow Rotarians,


District Rotaract has every year consistently been doing our flagship events including District Service Project (DSP) & World Rotaract Week (WRW). Rotary has always been our best support along the years, and for this Rotary Year, we, Becky (DSP Chair) and Zoe (WRW Chair), hope to be connecting with Rotarians better, seeking your advice on our projects, and exploring any possibilities of your generosity to sponsor our events, as a way to empower D3450's young adult volunteers to bond better and serve the community.


About District Rotaract

Rotaract, as a new form of membership in the Rotary family, houses myriads of young passionate professionals and students aged 18 or above from all walks of life, colleges and universities. With now over 80 clubs in District 3450, we host diversified activities to give new volunteers training in servicing, to bring clubs together and form friendships, and to drive young talents to become future leaders.


District Service Project  (DSP)

District Service Project (DSP) is the annual project in District Rotaract to serve the community, with the collective efforts of Rotaract clubs and Rotaractors. With the project’s focus on emotional health, this year’s DSP, “Let’s Speak Up”, brings forth 2 main goals - cure and prevention. We hope to introduce ways to relieve negative emotions and reduce stigmatisation of mental health issues. While “prevention is better than cure”, we also aim to promote emotional management, improve resilience and increase public awareness towards emotional health. The first stage of DSP, out of a total of 4 stages from introduction to volunteering and raising awareness, has already come about earlier in October to introduce elementary knowledge of emotional health.


World Rotaract Week  (WRW)

The week of 13 March every year, known as World Rotaract Week (WRW), brings Rotaractors around the world together to celebrate Rotaract's birthday — commemorating the first Rotaract club chartered on 13 March 1968. This year, we will host various activities to celebrate, including the highlight event, “FF bazaar”. FF, with its distinct meanings interpreted by each participant, paves us courage to realise our wildest dreams and to follow our impulse of spontaneity in life. Rotaractors can register to run their own stores, showing personal businesses that live their dreams, selling products that tell their stories, exhibiting club projects that create people’s hopes, and picturing fantasy that writes their growth.


We Hope To Visit Your Club

As the above only covers a simple and conceptual outline of the projects, we are hoping for an opportunity to present you and your club fellows with our initiatives and project details if our team could pay a visit to your club’s meeting or dinner. With our utmost sincerity, we welcome cash or in-kind sponsorship, and your kind support will surely make possible a meaningful event to facilitate youth development.


Contact & Enquiry

For more information  of the events, attached please find the proposals of DSP & WRW. For any enquiries, you may contact DSP Chair Becky HO on (852) 9802 0287 or
WRW Chair Zoe LUI on (852) 9884 5258, or reply to us by email at


Rotaractors have always felt grateful for Rotarians, as our companions and as our mentors, giving their greatest support along our Rotaract journey. Thank you for your time in advance, and we look forward to hearing from you.


Yours in Rotaract,


Becky HO

Chair of District Service Project

Rotaract Executive Officer

District Rotaract Committee and Rotaract Executive Committee

Professional Development Director, Rotaract Club of Victoria



Chair of World Rotaract Week

Rotaract Executive Officer

District Rotaract Committee and Rotaract Executive Committee

External Vice President, Rotaract Club of Victoria


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Serve To Change Lives

To Serve, To Learn, To Lead 

Fellowship through Service

WRW Proposal & DSP Proposal