What is Co-Create Smart Park Challenge Call for Proposal Competition by Rotary and Cyberport?

Rotary International District 3450 and Cyberport announced a collaborative project to enhance park environment and promote sustainable development as well as environmental conservation, namely “Co-Create Smart Park Challenge(CSPC)”. The competition aims to recruit creative and feasible park design proposals that could be implemented in a smart park from young people and the general public including professionals from different background, to enhance the park environment for the public and echo Rotary International’s theme of “Serve To Change Lives”.

CSPC also aims to cultivate youngsters’ generic skills and their awareness of how to create a better and sustainable smart park by cementing the edges of sustainability, technology and living environment through recruiting creative proposals on innovative solutions, products or ideas that could address the sustainable development of smart park, which can in turn contribute to the sustainability of a better society.

Who is eligible to join the Competition?

• The Competition is divided into Student Group and Open Group. The Student Group is open to all students in local schools. The Open Group is open to all students in local tertiary institutions and the general public including professionals from different background.

• Participants shall form a group (minimum 3 members and maximum 6 members) to submit design proposals by making reference to Cyberport Waterfront Park and Rotary Park respectively.

• Company entries are not permitted.


What are the highlights?

• Cash prizes of HKD 8,000 and HKD 15,000 to Champions of Student and Open Groups respectively

• Certificates to all participants


How to enter the proposal to join the Competition?

Entrants should submit their entries at: smartparksubmission.rotarynt.org. The deadline for submission is by 28 January 2022. For more details, please visit the competition website at http://www.RotarySupportingEnvironment.org.


What are the key dates of the Competition?

• 19 November 2021 noon Site Tours Registration Deadline

• 25, 26 November 2021 Site Tours – Register Now!

• 28 January 2022 Proposal Submission Deadline of Co-Create Smart Park Challenge

• February 2022 Announcement of Finalists

• March 2022 Final cum Prize Presentation Ceremony (Team Presentation – Physical)

To register for the site tours, please fill in your application at https://forms.gle/FMofswwzrKa9wARK8 (deadline of application by noon 19 November 2021). If there is oversubscription, participants will be drawn by ballot.

The above competition information is subject to the announcement on the competition website http://www.RotarySupportingEnvironment.org. Please visit the competition website from time to time for updates on competition information.