Dear Rotarians,


According to McKinsey & Co, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world, and its effects will last. 2021 will be the year of transition. The next normal is going to be different. The Pew Research says the ‘New Normal’ in 2025 will be far more Tech-Driven, presenting more Big Challenges.


We have the great honour to invite Dr Yoke-sin CHONG - President of Singapore Computer Society and Ir Dr Ted SUEN - President of Hong Kong Computer Society to share a great topic "A Tale of Two Cities - The Next Normal".


The captioned event is jointly organized by Hong Kong Computer Society, Singapore Computer Society, Rotary District 3310, Rotary District 3450, and hosted by Rotary Club of Central Harbourfront.


The event would be conducted in English and would be held on 20th May 2021 8 pm via Zoom.  We have the great honour to have District Governor Eric (District 3450) and District Governor Mohan (District 3310) to deliver opening and closing remarks.


Looking forward to your participation !  Please register your contact to .  The Zoom meeting link would be available 5 days prior to the event.


據麥肯錫公司指出, COVID-19大流行改變了世界, 其影響將持續。 2021年將係過渡年, 下一個常態將會有所不同。 皮尤研究公司表示, 2025年嘅新常態將更加以科技為主導, 帶來更加大挑戰。 我們非常榮幸邀請了新加坡電腦學會會長鍾玉璇博士聯同香港電腦學會會長孫耀達博士工程師分享一個主題名為雙城記之下一個常態


是次活動由香港電腦學會、新加坡電腦學會、國際扶輪3310地區、國際扶輪3450地區合辦, 由中環海濱扶輪社主持。 活動將以英文進行, 將於2021520日晚上8时透過Zoom舉行。 我們亦感到非常榮幸地邀請國際扶輪3450地區總監翟慶聰醫生致開幕詞, 及國際扶輪3310地區賈莫漢穆尼薩米總監致閉幕詞。


期待您的參與! 請登記 Zoom會議連結將在活動前5日提供。


Yours in Rotary,

CP Joseph Leung
Chair of Rotary Online Forum
Rotary Club of Central Harbourfront