Briefing Seminar on Rotary Reaching out to Primary


Date: Saturday, 17 April 2021

Time: 10:30-12:00

Venue: ELCHK Hung Hom Lutheran Primary School
39 Pau Chung Street, To Kwa Wan, KOWLOON 


One of the core values of Rotary is to serve. But there is a missing link: primary schools. How may Rotary extend its services to this much ignored yet significant sector?


A Working Group on Reaching Out to the Primary has been set up under the Youth Services Committee. After having several rounds of virtual meetings with Clubs with great projects for primary students, uniform groups, school representatives and parents, the following are proposed, modelling on the existing mode of Interact: a Pilot Run project on Rotary Reaching Out to Primary. Seven clubs and schools have been matched under the pilot run.


Who should attend

For any interested Rotarians

Representatives of matching clubs in the pilot

Rotarians who wants to join the pilot run but knows little of it.



DG Eric: Opening/Closing

PDG Eugene: The idea and background 

PP Daniel: School needs

PP ST: School’s concerns and collaboration

P Bonnie: Summary of previous discussion and survey

PP Wing: The pilot run and matching

PP Menza: District support


For those interested in attending the 17 April briefing, please feel free to contact PP Wing on 91514769 or P Bonnie on 90283081. The matching of schools and clubs will continue.