Dear Rotarians, Rotaractors and Interactors of District 3450,
I would like to recommend to you an excellent online concert organised by Rotarians, Rotaractors and Interactors - Music@Youth 2020.
In the past 13 years, Rotarians, Rotaractors and Interactors have been organising this annual all-day outdoor concert performed by young musicians (mainly pop bands). The Victoria Park, Tsuishatsui East Waterfront, Stanley Plaza, etc have been the stages of generations of brilliant young performers. Some of them have even turned professional!
The pandemic has led to the cancellation of many events, but not Music@Youth. The 14th Music@Youth – Music@Youth 2020 – is an even more exciting programme this year. It will be a 3-hour online broadcast starting from 8 pm on 22 October!
The programme comprises the performances of 15 shining teams chosen from 40 participating teams: Locksmiths, the Flashback, UNBELLA, 少甜走冰, 驚愕花 Gainorva, SadJay, Restate The Moira, Ember, 初久, Zonaldy, 宋啟元, NOIR MAGE, Cheng Cho Man June, After Later and Flat 550. Important figures in the music industry will meet and give comments to the teams to help them take a big leap forward after the show. We will also see professional artistes 林家謙, 杜小喬, Pandora and Justin x Eagle x Alden x June giving their best to support our young talents.
Rotarians, Rotaractors and Interactors therefore have every reason to support and enjoy Music@Youth 2020. I invite all of you and your friends and families to enjoy the concert online together.
This is a programme organised by Rotary Club of Hong Kong North together with its sponsored Rotaract and interact Clubs. My congratulations in advance to them for a good show!
Click to watch Music@Youth 2020 on Thursday, 22 October 2020 (8 – 11 pm):
Yours in Rotary,
Eric Chak
District Governor
Rotary International District 3450
我向大家推薦一個由扶輪社友、扶青和扶少團友舉辨的極具質素的網上音樂會 - 青年馬拉松音樂會Music@Youth 2020 。
在過去的13年裡,扶輪社友、扶青和扶少團友每年均舉行一個由年輕音樂家(主要是流行樂隊)表演的全天戶外音樂會。維多利亞公園、尖東海濱、赤柱廣場等, 都曾經是一代又一代傑出年輕表演者的舞臺。他們當中有些甚至變成了職業藝人!
節目包括從40支參賽隊中挑選出的15支光芒四射的團隊的表演: Locksmiths、the Flashback、UNBELLA、少甜走冰、驚愕花 Gainorva、SadJay、Restate The Moira、Ember、初久、Zonaldy、宋啟元、NOIR MAGE、Cheng Cho Man June、After Later及 Flat 550。地上最強評審團將和各表現者會面,並給他們意見,幫助他們在演出後實現大躍進。我們還將看到職業藝人林家謙、杜小喬、Pandora 及 Justin x Eagle x Alden x June施展混身解數,支持我們的才橫溢的年青人。
為此,扶輪社友、扶青和扶少團友絕對有理由去支持和收看青年馬拉松音樂會Music@Youth 2020 年。我在此誠意邀請大家和朋友、家人一起在網上欣賞這個音樂會。
今天先點擊給讚,然後在2020年10月22日星期四 (晚上8點至11點) 觀看青年馬拉松音樂會2020 Music@Youth。