Dear fellow Rotarians, 

Last Call : We have 7 volunteers quota left!
Join the 1st #OneTonneLess - Beach Cleaning Programme

We all know the motto “Say NO to Plastic”, but in how many occasions we turn to plastic again for reasons like “more convenient”, “cheaper”? Co-organise with A Plastic Ocean Foundation, we are going to organise a series of #OneTonneLess - Beach Cleaning Programme. We hope you will learn more about how plastic is harmful to our ecosystem and really use and recycle plastic with a responsible attitude. Let’s roll up our sleeves and clean the beach. DG Eric will also join this voluntary service with us as well! 

1st Beach Cleaning for Area 7 Rotary Club members, other Areas are welcome to register too!

·   Date: 3 October 2020 (Saturday)
·   Time: 3:00pm – 4:30pm
·   Location: Discovery Bay, Sam Pak Wan beach
·   Programme:
     30 mins of education workshop about plastic pollution,
     1.5 hrs of beach cleaning service
·   Max. no. of volunteers: 20 pax (children above 3 years old are welcome)  
    (We have 7 quotas left now)

·   Registration online form:

     (Registration deadline: 30 September 2020)
·   Remarks:
     1. Volunteers will be divided into small groups of 4 persons, each group will be guided by 1 staff from A Plastic Ocean Foundation.

     2. All participants must wear masks and maintain social distance during the programme.
·   Enquiry: or 
   Rtr Estelle LAM (mobile: 6308 0213) or 
   Rtn Jonathan LI (mobile: 6606 8128)

About A Plastic Ocean Foundation

#OneTonneLess Campaign

80% of ocean plastics come from land activities. Preventing waste entering the sea through the shoreline is our tactic to address this issue. Plastic can and should be repurposed and recycled. 

Currently Hong Kong only locally recycles 7%. Our goal at a Plastic Ocean Foundation is to drastically expand this. 

At A Plastic Ocean Foundation, we are concerned about the fragile state of our oceans and work together with other NGOs and the community to change attitudes towards plastics in one generation.

We identify the way we dispose of plastic as a major problem. We are not an anti-plastic organisation. We agree plastic is an amazing product; versatile, cheap, light and it saves a lot of lives too - like in medicine! However, our addiction to plastic and our disposable lifestyle are now starting to pose a threat to the survival of marine species, as well as ourselves!

It’s our commitment to the ocean that we will clean up at least One tonne of ocean trash each year along the shorelines of Hong Kong. We also intend to spread our conservation message to the participants who care and love the ocean as much as we do. 

Prior to every cleanup, we do a safety briefing so everyone knows how to operate safely. After each cleanup a debriefing provides educational knowledge, for example the impacts of plastic waste to our shared ocean. Additionally, data collected from each clean up will be gathered and sent to the government for tracking. We are also investing in technology to repurpose the One tonne collected ocean plastic into other utilities, including rPET.



Best regards,
Vice Chair - Rotary District Preserve Planet Earth Committee  
Rotaractor of RAC Hong Kong City North
(email:; mobile: 6308 0213)