Dear Rotarians,
Ever since my first announcement of the Online Academy, I have received many positive feedback. Many Rotarians have informed me that they had already finished all 4 levels and are chasing me for the certificate. If you have done any of the online course in our OA curriculum, please keep the certificate in softcopy format with the file name as follow:
  OA_Lev1_coursename_your name
  OA_Lev1_Rotary Basics_Norman Lee
The following Google Form is designed for all Rotarians for the submission of the completion of OA Certificate Level 1.
Rotarians who have completed the requirements of OA Certificate Level 1 can submit the form. A certificate will be issued to the Rotarian and the club will get credit.
I am hoping that all Rotarians can finish OA certificate level 1 courses by the end of August 2020. Please start your online learning now. It is very easy to achieve.
I am attaching herewith the OA course curriculum and the basic login procedures. I have also prepared a page by page walk through of the first course, Rotary Basics as a reference. I hope you will enjoy this online learning and your Rotary knowledge will be much enriched.
Yours in Rotary,
DGN Norman Lee (MSc(Eng) DBA)
Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island East
District 3450 Governor Nominee for 2022-23
PP 2014-15 (JPM Convener)
PP 2009-10 (President of the year)
Classification: IT - Restaurant Reservation Solution