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Dear Fellow Rotarians,The month of December started with the Rotary Institute which took place in Taipei during 1-3 Dec 2017. Our future leaders (DGE YC Ho and DGN Wilson Cheng) attended training seminars tailored for DGEs and DGNs which were held just before the Institute. The event was well attended by more than 1,400 Rotarians from various Districts in three zones, in which latest developments and experience in various Rotary issues such as membership, foundation, service projects and leadership were discussed and shared.

Dear Fellow Rotarians,November is the Rotary Foundation month. It is pleasing to see that on November 11, 2017, more than 100 Rotarians attended the District Rotary Foundation Seminar cum Grant Management Seminar. The high attendance and enthusiasm of participants in the two seminars reflect that clubs and Rotarians are gaining better knowledge about the Rotary Foundation and also becoming more interested in meeting the qualifications required for Grant application.

Dear Fellow Rotarians,As reported in my previous monthly newsletter, I started to meet with club presidents and their board members in mid-August after finishing all the club installation events.  It is pleasing to note that by end of October, I have already met with the presidents and board members of 74 clubs.  I have also visited 47 clubs in their lunch/dinner meetings speaking to their members.  There is still some way to go as there are 90 clubs in our district, and also because many activities planned by clubs have started to be implemented and I have been invited to attend the launching/inauguration of most of these activities. 

各位親愛的社友:自8月11日起,我已開始了與各扶輪社社長和他們的董事會成員會面,以討論各社在2017-18扶輪年度的目標和計劃。我本希望會面可以更早開始,但由七月開始到八月中旬,我們實在忙於參與各扶輪社的就職活動。儘管如此,截至九月下旬,我已與地區90個扶輪社其中的71個扶輪社的董事會成員會面。此外,我也參與了38個扶輪社的午餐 / 晚宴例會以作公式訪問。當中,我除了分享了本年度的地區目標及扶輪嘉許外,更談及了扶輪的主要宗旨、核心價值以及國際扶輪的策略重點。

Dear Fellow Rotarians, Since 11 August I have started my meetings with club presidents and their board members to discuss with them their goals and plans for Rotary Year 2017-18. I wish I had started that earlier but between early July and mid-August we were heavily engaged in club installation activities. However, by the end of September, I had already met with board members of 71 rotary clubs (out of a total of 90 Rotary clubs in the District). I have also met members of 38 Rotary clubs by visiting the clubs during their regular lunch/dinner meetings, and have spoken on key objectives and core values of Rotary and the RI Strategic Priorities, apart from district goals and Rotary Citation. I am glad that more and more clubs subscribe to the idea of segregating DG’s meetings with board members of clubs from DG’s visits to clubs, and having joint club meetings for DG’s visit to clubs where feasible. This has greatly enhanced the efficiency of the DG in fulfilling his duties of meeting board members of clubs and speaking to members of clubs during club visits. From my discussions with club presidents and their board members, I learn about the many innovative projects they h


DISTRICT GOVERNOR’S MONTHLY NEWSLETTER August 2017 Dear Fellow Rotarians, August is the Membership and New Club Development month in Rotary. These are major strategic issues, and should be on top of the agenda for all Rotary Clubs. With more members, clubs will have more resources and can do more good service to the community. This will in turn bring about more public awareness of Rotary’s contribution to the community, especially if we have suitable publicity measures to go along with that. We can then attract more members to join Rotary and the virtuous circle will continue. ..

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