Club Meeting Times

Here is a list of all district 3450 Rotary Clubs including where and when they meet.
  Click the Club Name for full details of the meeting time and location:


Monday 12:30 PM Victoria

Monday 12:45 PM Tsim Sha Tsui

Monday 12:45 PM Wanchai

Monday 12:45 PM Mid-Level

Monday 01:00 PM Quarry Bay II

Monday 07:00 PM Tsuen Wan

Monday 07:00 PM New Territories

Monday 07:00 PM Tolo Harbour

Monday 07:00 PM Tai Po

Monday 07:00 PM Shatin

Monday 07:00 PM Kingspark Hong Kong

Monday 07:00 PM Kai Tak

Monday 07:00 PM Shouson Hill

Monday 07:00 PM E-Club of Tamar

Monday 07:00 PM Mandarin HK

Monday 07:30 PM Happy Valley

Monday 07:30 PM Channel Islands

Monday 07:30 PM Kowloon Tong

Monday 07:30 PM Smart HK

Monday 12:00 AM Penha


Tuesday 12:00 AM Dragon Hong Kong

Tuesday 12:00 AM Abacus Hong Kong

Tuesday 12:45 PM Hong Kong City North

Tuesday 12:30 PM Peninsula

Tuesday 12:30 PM Hong Kong Bayview

Tuesday 12:45 PM Hong Kong

Tuesday 12:45 PM Hong Kong Northwest

Tuesday 12:45 PM The Peak

Tuesday 01:00 PM Kowloon East

Tuesday 01:00 PM Urgoo

Tuesday 06:00 PM Tamir

Tuesday 07:00 PM Niislel

Tuesday 07:30 PM Hou Kuong

Tuesday 07:30 PM Innovation Hong Kong

Tuesday 08:00 AM Discovery Bay


Wednesday 12:30 PM Hong Kong Island East

Wednesday 12:30 PM Kowloon Golden Mile

Wednesday 12:30 PM Metropolitan Hong Kong

Wednesday 12:30 PM Selenge

Wednesday 12:45 PM City Northwest Hong Kong

Wednesday 12:45 PM Ulaanbaatar

Wednesday 12:45 PM Kowloon West

Wednesday 12:45 PM Macau Islands

Wednesday 12:45 PM Admiralty

Wednesday 03:00 PM E-Club of Lantau

Wednesday 06:30 PM Tuul

Wednesday 06:30 PM Selbe

Wednesday 06:30 PM Erdenet

Wednesday 06:30 PM Harmony & Prosperity HK

Wednesday 07:30 PM Central

Wednesday 07:00 PM Hong Kong Sunrise

Wednesday 07:00 PM Narlag Ulaanbaatar

Wednesday 07:00 PM Ulaanbaatar Central

Wednesday 07:30 PM Golden Bauhinia HK

Wednesday 07:30 PM Bayview Sunshine Hong Kong

Wednesday 07:30 PM Peninsula Sunrise

Wednesday 07:30 PM Lan Kwai Fong

Wednesday 07:30 PM SoHo Hong Kong

Wednesday 07:30 PM Amizade Macau

Wednesday 07:30 PM The HUB HK

Wednesday 12:00 AM Central Harbourfront

Wednesday 08:00 PM Macau Central


Thursday 06:30 PM Zuunmod

Thursday 06:30 PM Nomt

Thursday 08:00 PM Macau

Thursday 12:30 PM Hong Kong Harbour

Thursday 12:30 PM Hong Kong North

Thursday 12:30 PM Hong Kong South

Thursday 12:30 PM Kowloon

Thursday 12:30 PM Kowloon Northeast

Thursday 12:30 PM Peninsula South

Thursday 12:30 PM Hong Kong Financial Centre

Thursday 07:30 PM Manhattan Hong Kong

Thursday 01:00 PM Khuree

Thursday 06:30 PM Shenzhen

Thursday 07:30 PM Lion Rock

Thursday 07:00 PM Kwai Chung

Thursday 07:00 PM Kwun Tong

Thursday 07:00 PM Nairamdal, Ulaanbaartar

Thursday 07:00 PM Ulaanbaatar Peace Avenue

Thursday 07:00 PM Star Avenue

Thursday 07:15 PM Queensway

Thursday 07:30 PM Kowloon Central

Thursday 07:30 PM Guia

Thursday 07:30 PM E-Club of District 3450

Thursday 07:30 PM Homantin Hill

Thursday 07:30 PM Hong Kong Elements


Friday 12:45 PM Hong Kong Island West

Friday 12:45 PM Hong Kong Northeast

Friday 01:00 PM Causeway Bay

Friday 07:00 PM Braemar Hill

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