Rotary Club of HK Island West – The Joy of Reminiscing the Past Glory of 60 years

The Joy of Reminiscing the Past Glory of 60 years

Edited by PP Peter Chau
Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island West


This evening, the 12th of April 2014, we celebrate our 60th Anniversary.

Being one of the senior clubs in the District, the Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island West is proud of, but not complacent with, our outstanding contributions and services to the community in the past 60 years, which could only be achieved through the efforts and cooperation of our members by adhering to the Four-Way Test in the four avenues of Rotary service. We strive to further improve and refine in the fulfillment of the Rotary aims.


In November 1953, during an official visit of R.I. President Joaquin Saratossa Cibilis to Hong Kong, he found that there were only two Rotary Clubs in Hong Kong, namely, the Rotary Club of Hong Kong and the Rotary Club of Kowloon.  Immediately President Cibilis suggested to the Rotary Club of Hong Kong to sponsor two new clubs, one in each of the Western and Eastern districts of Hong Kong, and two extension committees for the new clubs were appointed.  For the Western district, after a few months’ work of the committee, a new club emerged under the name of the Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island West which held its inaugural meeting on Friday, 26th March 1954.  Its application for Rotary International membership was soon approved.  The first regular Club meeting was held on Friday 2nd April 1954 at the Golden Dragon Restaurant, officiated by the late Charter President Fung Hong-chu, while a charter was issued by R.I. to the Club on 12th April 1954.

On 28th May 1954, a joint charter night was held by the Hong Kong Island West and East Clubs at the Ritz Ballroom, during which Rtn. T.F. Wei, acting on behalf of R.I. Administrative Advisor G.E. Mardne, formally presented the Rotary Charters to the two new clubs, and a birth certificate to each and every charter member of the two clubs. This marked the birth of twins in the same city, the first time in Rotary history. The Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island West was the first in the world to conduct its meeting in Cantonese.

In the year 1979 when we sponsored the Rotary Club of Hong Kong Northwest and subsequently when the Northwest Club sponsored the City Northwest and the Mid-Level Clubs, we allowed them to share our territories but without further relinquishment. In 1993 we sponsored our latest extension Club of The Peak, making a total of five Clubs in our big family.


The Club started with 30 charter members. To date,2 charter members remain with the Club.They are PP Lee Hung-tong and PP Daniel S.C. Koo. Throughout the years, the membership grew steadily with some minor fluctuations at times. At present, we have 53 members.


The Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island West has been holding its regular weekly club meetings on every Friday of the week except for public holidays since its formation in 1954, although the meeting places have been changed from the Golden Dragon Restaurant to Hong Kong Hilton, subsequently to Ritz Carlton Hotel and at present to Banker’s Club at 1:00 p.m., with a 15-minute fellowship session prior to the meeting. At present we have our website : for information and communication.


During the past 60 years, our Club set a number of records in R.I. and won a number of R.I. and District awards. In addition, our members were recognized for their outstanding contribution to the Rotary International.

  1. Our Club was the first Rotary Club in the world to conduct its meetings in Cantonese, a local Southern Chinese dialect.
  2. Our Club was the first in the world to achieve a total number of the Paul Harris Fellows exceeding its membership. The Chairman of the Trustees of the Rotary Foundation presented a citation to our Club in March 1975 to recognize our Club for this distinguished achievement.
  3. In 1972, PP Wong Chung-man was presented with the Arch Klumph Award by the Rotary Foundation for his outstanding service to the Foundation. Since the establishment of the Arch Klumph Award in May 1969, only 30 odd Rotarians were bestowed such honour, and PP Wong Chung-man was the only recipient who was neither an R.I. official nor a PDG. Later, the Rotary Foundation discontinued the Arch Klumph Award.
  4. In the year 1973/1974, our Club was the first in District 3450 to have 3 generations present in the same Rotary Club. In that year, PP Jeffery YEH together with his father Kang-Nin and son V-Nee were all members of our Club.
  5. In 1976, PP Wai Kee-yiu became the 118th recipient in the world to receive the Rotary Foundation Citation for Meritorious Service.
  6. PP LEE Hong Tong of 1978/1979 is a Charter Member of our Club and his attendance record has been at least 90% for the past 54 years. Since the establishment of the Club, PP LEE Hong Tong has also been the lead singer of the birthday song for all the Club members in every meeting in his presence.
  7. PP Liu Lit-Mo was District Governor District 3450 for the year 1994/1995.
  8. PP Peter Chau was appointed DGGR for the years 1995/1996 and 1996/1997 and Assistant Governor for the years 1997/1998 and 2000/2001. Moreover, PP Peter was the Chairman of the District Conference 2002 and District Installation Convenor in 2003. PP Peter received R.I. President’s Presidential Citation for his outstanding efforts in the 4 Avenues of Service.
  1. PP Thomas WONG received R.I. President’s Presidential Citation for his outstanding efforts in the 4 Avenues of Services. He was appointed Assistant Governor for the year 2003/2004, subsequently being District Treasurer.
  2. PP Ernest CHIU received R.I. President’s Presidential Citation for his outstanding efforts in the 4 Avenues of Service.
  3. Our Club has organized a number of outstanding projects, both local and international, in the 4 Avenues of Service and has won both District Awards and R.I. President’s Presidential Citation since 1994.The following are some projects worth mentioning :

a. 1980/1981 (PP LAW Tin Kwai):Our Club sponsored the opening of the Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island West Hong Chi Morninghope School and has been supporting this school annually since then.

b. 1986/1987 (PP George FUNG) :Our Club inducted 9 new members – the highest new membership growth in our Club history.

c. 1991/1992 (PP LIU Lit Mo):PP Lit-Mo was District Governor for the year 1994/1995, the only District Governor in our Club.

d. 1994/1995 (PP Peter CHAU) :Our Club successfully launched the first Matching Grant Project with the Rotary Club of Ortigas, Q.C., Philippines in District 3780.Specifically, we matched US$8,000 for a meaningful food project valued at US$24,000 for underprivileged students of 20 local public schools. In the same year, our Club worked with the China Red Cross to deliver 75 metric tons of rice valued at US$19,400 to China flood victims. This project won the Best International Service Award from the District.

e. 1995/1996 (PP Steve LAU):Our Club launched a long-term project with the Home Affairs Department to support their Story Telling Competition. We have supported this meaningful event since then.

f. 1996/1997 (PP Pedro CHING) :Our Club contributed HK$150,000 to the China Red Cross to build a new clinic in YunNan and build new schools in SanYen. In memory of the Late Charter President FUNG Hon-chu, Mrs. Fung donated HK$500,000 to WWF to build 2 birdwatching hides in the Mai Po Reserve.

g. 2000/2001 (PP Thomas WONG) :Our Club organized the Learning2Give Website Creation Competition for Hong Kong secondary school students to develop websites for NGOs in Hong Kong. This project was recognized by the District for its best achievement in Creating Awareness. The Learning2Give project has been our Club’s community service project of the last few years. Our club had donated HK$80,000 toward relief of the snow victims of Inner Mongolia and the earthquake victims in China.

h. 2001/2002 (PP Ernest CHIU):Our Club received 2 District Awards-The Rotary Online Recruitment Website won The Best Vocational Service Award and the Youth Forum Project wonThe Best Community Service Award.

i. 2002/2003 (PP Victor LIM) :During this Rotary Year, the highly infectious and deadly SARS struck Hong Kong and almost brought social life to a standstill.  However, our club functioned normally and conducted regular weekly meetings without a break, but with members wearing masks and greeting each other without handshakes.  Fortunately, Hong Kong was declared free of SARS before the end of June, 2003.

j. 2003/2004 (PP Joseph LU) :Conducted a Rotary Club Centennial Community Project with the Rotary Clubs in Area 5 to renovate a centre for carrying out community wetland education and public awareness programmes in the Mai Po Reserve.  The centre was named the Rotary Centennial Institute for Wetland Conservation. He set up a new community-based Rotaract Club – the Rotaract Club of Hong Kong Island West.  He was awarded with the significant Achievement Award of the year.

k. 2004/2005 (PP Lawrence CHAN) :Our Club sponsored the Biliteracy and Trilingualism Composition and Speech Competition with the Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers in order to raise the level of awareness in local school of the importance of becoming trilingual in Cantonese, English and Mandarin.

l. 2005/2006 (PP Allan AW) :Our Club obtained a District Simplified Grant in order to develop, sponsor and participate in a Blind Appreciation Program for the Blind and Visually Impaired.  We also supported our sister club, Rotary Club of Petaling Jaya for a Golden Child project in Kuala Lumpur arranging meaningful and fun activities for the terminally ill children.

m. 2006/2007 (PP Allen AU) :Continue with the Blind Appreciation Program for the Blind and Visually Impaired and also the 3rd Biliteracy and Trilingualism Composition and Speech Competition. He set up the Nature Program for the Intellectually-disabled Children. He sponsored a new Interact Club – the Interact Club of St. Louis School. He received the R.I. Presidential Citation of the year.

n. 2007/2008 (PP Tony YUE) :A very successful community program of Turn off Idling Engine and Healthy Living and also staged the World Water Monitoring Day, which achieved the R.I. Public Relation Award of the year.

o. 2008/2009 President Jeff NG:Conducted a Reach For the Sky Project with Interactors, Rotaractors, Parents and Teachers and Students of “Suen Mei Speech & Hearing Centre”. Continue with the Bilingualism and Triliterarcy Composition and Speech Competition and also the Golden Child Project with PJ, Malaysia.

p. 2009/10 (PP Edward CHOW)        :Continued to sponsor the Biliteracy and Trilingualism Composition and Speech Competition with the Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers — it became an important project in District 3450.

q. 2010/2011 (PP Felix LI) :Being a specialist in Nephrology, he successfully opened a patient resource and data center with the Hong Kong Dialysis Centre at Wah Fu Estate, for the benefit of dialysis patients in Hong Kong. Our Club has three past presidents holding District positions in that Rotary year, namely PP Allen Au as Chief District Secretary, PP Joseph Lu as Assistant Governor (Area 5) and PP Lawrence Chan as Deputy Assistant Governor (Area 5).

r. 2011/2012 (PP Norman YEUNG) :Through the excellent work led by PP Norman in the Avenues of Service, our club was recognized as one of the 3 winners of the 2011/12 Changemaker Award of Zone 10B (>700 clubs including D3450 in Hong Kong, Macau, Mongolia, D3460, 3470, 3480, 3490, 3500, 3510 & 3520 in Taiwan).  Our service work included a Rotary Matching Grant with the Rotary Club of Shanghai to provide life saving open heart surgeries to children born with congenital heart defect in China;  increased public awareness of the symptoms & prevention of colon rectal cancer through CD distribution with Hong Kong Stoma Association; elderly care service work with the Little Sisters of the Poor; training and support to hearing impaired children at Suen Mei Speech & Hearing Centre; and Hong Kong Island West Hong Chi Morninghope School for autistic children. PP Allen Au was the Assistant Governor (Area 5) during the year.

s. 2012/13 (PP Andy KWOK) :With participation of over 520 students from 92 schools. Echoing RI’s year theme “Peace through Service”, Conflict Management Workshops were organised with LPC United World College to plant the seeds of peace in ethnic minorities and under-privileged students. Our members and rotaractors also enjoyed good fun collecting bread, while promoting nutritional and food saving awareness, in DSG project: “Feeding Hong Kong”. Over 1000 trees were planted in Shanxi yellow soil plateau to help preserve water and soil in the “Tree Plantation Project”.

t. 2013/14 (President Barton LEE) :Continue to support Rotary Club of HKIW Hong Chi Morninghope School and donated $132,000.00 this year for special school funding.  Held the 10th Biliteracy and Trilingualism Composition andSpeech Competition — this project is widely accepted in our community and obtain matching grant by District 3450. Staged a “Walkathon” on 19/1/2014 with DG leading the start and fully supported by our members, Rotaract and Interact Clubs to raise funds for future community projects.

In addition, PP Steve LAU was awarded with the Silver Bauhinia Star. Rtn Vincent LEUNG was awarded with the Hong Kong Humanity Award 2012 and 10 most loving heart in Hong Kong 2013.Both have achieved significant contributions to the community and public services.


As mentioned in our Club History, we have four ‘Extension Clubs’ making a total of Five Clubs in our Big Family :

Rotary Club of Hong Kong Northwest18th June, 1979
Rotary Club of City Northwest, Hong Kong26th April, 1988
Rotary Club of Mid-Level13th March, 1992
Rotary Club of The Peak24th September, 1993


To better world understanding, our Club has established sisterhood with the following Rotary Clubs :

Rotary Club of Kiryu South, Japan21st May 1970
Rotary Club of Honolulu West, Hawaii, U.S.A.6th February 1981
Rotary Club of Pataling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia10th March 1986
Rotary Club of Taipei West, Taiwan24th October 1987
Rotary Club of Downtown Manila, Philippines29th June 1990

The Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island West hasSponsored two Rotaract and two Interact Clubs :

Rotaract Club of Hong Kong Island West (Community based)
Rotaract Club of United College, Chinese University
Interact Club of Lingnan Secondary School
Interact Club of St. Louis Secondary School


香港西區扶輪社 前社長周湛樵輯述


今夕2014年4月12日,香港西區扶輪社不經不覺己踏上「花甲」之年! 舉行慶祝60週年社慶。






1. 1973/74:前社長葉謀遵與其先父庚年及兒子維義同時是西區扶輪社友,三代同堂,一時成為扶輪歷史佳話。

2. 1978/79:前社長李漢忠乃創社社員,由創社至今,均保持每年超過90%出席紀錄;每次開會,亦帶領社友為出席的生日社友唱生日歌賀壽,故有「歌王」美譽

3.  1980/81:前社長羅天攜創辦香港西區扶輪社匡智晨輝學校至今;該校為第一間由扶輪社創辦的學府

4. 1991/92:前社長廖烈武於1994/95年度出任區總監為扶輪3450區建樹良多,亦為本社增光

5. 1994/95:前社長周湛樵為本社創舉國際配對計劃,與菲律賓姊妹社協辦二萬四仟美元貧童食物計劃;又與中國紅十字會協辦賑災,捐出七十五公噸米予國內水災難民等等,更獲當年最佳國際服務計劃獎。是年,首創五社聯席餐舞會。

6. 1995/96:前社長劉漢華設立連續性由民政署協辦之全港青年故事創作比賽至今。

7. 1996/97:前社長程國灝亦與中國紅十字會協辦希望工程計劃,成功建造學校及醫療診所。是年,馮漢柱夫人慷慨捐贈港幣五十萬予世界自然基金會,在米埔建設兩座觀鳥亭以紀念已故創社社長馮漢柱

8. 2000/01:前社長黃汝霆舉辦全港中學網頁創作比賽至今,並獲地區年獎;又屢次捐助蒙古雪災及中國地震災民。

9. 2001/02:前社長招天聰在任中,為本社爭取兩項區年獎;其一為最佳職業服務計劃獎,其二為最佳社會服務計劃獎云。

10. 2002/03:前社長林東仁在任期間,香港爆發「沙士病疫」,社會活動幾乎全部停頓;但西區扶輪每星期例會照樣舉行,只是社友全部佩戴口罩出席。是年區年會在澳門舉行,由周湛樵前社長出任區年會主席。

11. 2003/04:前社長呂元信秉承西區扶輪社優良服務精神,實行多項服務計劃。參與3450區第五地域國際扶輪百週年紀念計劃,旨在重修米埔自然保護區斯科特野外研習中心。中心重修後,命名「國際扶輪百週年紀念濕地學院」為自然基金濕地研究工作及教育用途。於該年成立香港西區扶輪青年服務團

12. 2004/05:前社長陳建宇致力推動教育項目,與直系社合辦「兩文三語」項目,提高同學們對廣東話、英語及普通話的興趣,以配合當時社會的需要。此外,陳社長抽空參加每個姊妹社之慶典,秉承扶輪宗旨,友誼至上

13. 2005/2006:前社長胡督祿為配合教統局推動提昇語文能力,繼續舉辦「兩文三語」項目,突顯本社對教育工作之關注與熱誠。另於同年製錄「聽賞雀鳥指南」光碟,免費贈予視障人仕,使他們有機會欣賞香港數十種最常見的雀鳥及對大自然有進一步認識。

14. 2006/2007:前社長區緯國秉承扶輪「超我服務」宗旨及西區扶輪社優良服務精神,實行多項服務計劃。與香港教育工作者聯會再次合辦《全港中學「兩文三語」菁英大比拼》項目,並首獲語文教育及研究常務委員會及多間商業機構支持及贊助。除此,是次項目増辦「職業知識介紹講座」環節,藉此令學生有更明確的目標去提升自己「兩文三語」的能力。《全港中學「兩文三語」菁英大比拼》項目對推動香港語文教育的成效,得到國際扶輪的認同及肯定,並獲頒發「國際扶輪重大事功獎」殊榮。於該年成立聖類斯中學扶輪少年服務團。

15. 2007/08:前社長余國樑為響應環保,與環境保護署合辦「清新空氣、停車熄匙」,喚起市民環保的意識,其中扶少團獲安排參觀機電工程署環保大樓;香港代表隊運動員、學校團體、多間商業機構一起響應「停車熄匙」。另外又響應國際扶輪捐助「世界水監測日」,宣揚珍惜食水。更為本社取得國際扶輪公共關係獎、地區最佳網頁(英文版)、最佳生態項目、傑出公共關係項目等獎項。

16. 2008/09:前任社長吳梓坤,成功地與宣美語言及聽覺訓練中心合辦宣傳項目,推廣社會對弱聽兒童的關注。亦繼續舉行「兩文三語」及與馬尼拉姊妹社續辦支持「瀕危病童」計劃。

17. 2009/10:前社長周宇明推動”兩文三語”不遺餘力,與香港教育工作者聯會在推動普通話及文化作出努力的成果是有目共睹;參加人數不斷增加,水準一年比一年好,為3450區一項重要的社會服務。

18. 2010/11:前社長李富強致力推動病人資訊,於在任年度,得到地區簡易支助計劃及本社的支持,在港島華富邨內的香港洗腎中心籌建了一所病人資源中心,為南區的市民及病友,提供了寶貴的健康資訊。另外本社亦繼續支持宣美語言中心的工作,協助該中心的學童購買耳聾機。該年度除了到訪馬來西亞的姊妹社慶祝她們的五十五週年社慶外,並為癌症病童服務。當年度本社有三位前社長擔任地區職務 – 區緯國前社長擔任 地區總秘書,呂元信前社長擔任 第五分域總監及陳建宇前社長擔任第五分域助理總監。

19. 2011/12:前社長楊敏健律師有幸榮得各社友秉力支持,推廣在港內外扶貧教育及醫療工作。香港西區扶輪社榮獲國際扶輪社頒發亞太區2011-2012年度Changemaker Award大獎,以表揚對本社在社群公益有卓越貢獻。本社與國內上海扶輪社合辦為患有心瘺症幼兒作心臟手術,使國內無數患病兒童獲得適當治療與照顧。本社亦與香港造口人協會合辦對大腸癌預防推廣,包括製作光碟派發給各香港社會團體及醫療中心。本著服務社會的精神,本社積極向本港社會團體支持,包括為老人服務之安貧小姊妹會聖瑪利安老院;為患有語言障礙幼童之宣美語言及聽覺中心提供協助;支持服務弱智兒童之香港西區扶輪社匡智晨輝學校。區緯國前社長擔任第五分域總監。

20. 2012/13:前社長郭立華亦繼續致力推行”兩文三語”項目,共有92間學校之520個同學參加,成績有目共睹。又發動本社社友及聯合書院扶青團與美心集團合作分派「廚餘」及「麵包」食物給老人院。又帶領社友往山西黃土高原植樹1000棵。

21. 2013/14:現任社長李道邦為本社繼續支持西輪匡智晨輝學校,並捐助$132,000.00設立用作舒緩學生情緒的”休閒室”。本年正是”兩文三語”項目十週年紀念,本社繼續此有意義的項目。今年60年誌慶,本社於元誕月在山頂舉行了”慈善步行”籌款,當天區總監親自領行開步禮。

22. 本年度有劉漢華前社長榮獲香港特區政府頒授銀紫荊星章;又梁子正社友獲2012年香港人道年獎及2013年香港亞洲電視感動百人選舉十大感動人物;兩人實至名歸,可喜可賀。





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