Amy Wong (Rotary Club of Victoria) is a Rotaractor-turned-Rotarian. She is co-founder of AQ Talent Lab a platform targeted at youth development through mentoring, training and providing career opportunities.

Y.K. Cheng (Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island East) has been active in serving Rotary and the Hong Kong Society at large. He left his mark in areas ranging from structural engineering in Hong Kong to Hepatitis B Immunization in China.

Gordon McInally (Rotary Club of Kelso) has served in many capacities in Rotary in Great Britain & Ireland and in Rotary International. He was Chairman of the 2013 Rotary Institute and will repeat the role in 2020.

Elvo Sou (Rotary Club of Macau) is a Rotaractor-turned-Rotarian and is a registered psychotherapist in Macau with 20 years of experience in the field. Elvo will share the psychological preparation for the post-pandemic new normal.

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