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Welcome new member Ching Kit Tong
Welcome new member Curt Chatelain

Welcome new members Laurent, Mei Ling & Marta

Welcome Dixon Wu
Welcome Simon Kan
Welcome Romany Yiu

Welcome Wong Kin Fong

Welcome Jeffrey Cheng & Icy Chui

Welcome Ms. Shawn Andres  

CDS Eric’s Report

2. NMO – Introduction of D3450 Vision, District Structure (updated 27 Nov 2013) 3. NMO – Membership Responsibilities (updated 27 Nov 2013) 4. NMO – Opportunities for Involvement Grace Yen – Sharing Welcome to the World of Rotary (new potential club)

001Basics of Rotary FoundationRY2013-14 DFS and GMS (09112013) – Peter Wan 002RY2013-14 DFS and GMS (09112013) – Peter Wong 003The New Grant System9 Nov 2013- Jason Chan 004RY2013-14 DFS and GMS (09112013) – Ada Cheng 005RY2013-14 DFS and GMS (09112013) – Peter WongWilson Lam 006RY2013-14 DFS and GMS (09112013) – Peter WanWendy Lee Grant Management […]

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