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DG’s Summary on First Half Year’s Works 

Dear All Rotarians,


Happy New Year!


Time flies that half of the Rotary Year has passed like in a minute. 


In this first half of the Rotary Year, we have experienced with excitement many new endeavours hoping to have laid down concrete foundation for the second half of this Rotary Year and beyond.


These new endeavors include:


A.   District Learning and Development Academy (DLDA):


DLDA has completed its first Semester with altogether more than 200 attendants and has covered topics both in Rotary knowledge and in personal elevation. Based on this we will proceed to sessions designed to serve Rotaractors, Macau Rotarians and English speaking Rotarians in January.


Later we will proceed to another Semester to those potential club leaders hoping that they will lead our clubs no longer being empty handed. 


We believe, as stated in the Manisfesto co-signed by current DG YC, DGE Wilson, DGN Eric, Founder CP Patrick Poon, Advisors like PDG Anthony, PDG Jones Wong, PDG Eugene, PDG Eric Chin, and Chair DS KC Wong, that by DLDA to both PPs and non-PPs, we hope Rotarians are better equipped with the basic and fundamental Rotary Knowledge such that Clubs develop faster in their hands, and hence, so do District and Rotary.


B.   Reinstate the Basics of Rotaractors:


We have emphasized the concept of the need to succeed the words of RI President Barry Rassin: “work harder to make our Rotaractors the vital force in Rotary”. We have reinstated the importance of understanding Rotary knowledge among Rotaractors, the need to strengthen Professional Development in Rotaract Clubs and the prospect of the succession from Interactors to Rotaractors and to Rotarians. 


Not only for Rotaractors, the same also applies to strengthen Interact Clubs, with the need to emphasize the concept of Rotary among Interactors, and the succession of the ties from Interactors to Rotaractors and hence Rotarians.


Further work is needed and hence an upcoming Task Force working group will be established to continue the endeavor of these motives as the framework for District’s policy on youth service.


C. Rotaract Support Fund:


Further initiatives include the establishment of a special Fund: the Rotaract Support Fund with the three targets: 


- sponsoring 3 Rotaractors to join RI Convention every year. We have just selected 3 successful Rotaractors from
  12 applicants. Congratulate them.

- to develop platform for strengthening their vocational strengths,

- to support Rotary Club formed from Rotaractors. 


Thank to CP Patrick Poon and DS Kent Lau who have contributed in addition to me into this fund.


However we need our clubs to support this newly formed Fund. Here District pledges our clubs to donate one meal total cost from their club meeting into this Fund. This would provide the fund with a strong financial base as this fund belongs to District 3450 and is chaired and run by DGN each year. 


D. New motive for District Vocational Service Cmt :


District Vocational Service Cmt has adopted an additional motive to organize special vocational supports to our Rotaractors this year. Thank PDG Belinda and her team. In this aspect, we have extended the scope of vocational perspectives to including the Greater Bay area.  


We believe, by our strong vocational strengths among Rotarians to support our Youths in Rotary, we should benefit them, and to enable them with greater career strengths to serve the community at large or at ease as a Rotarian.


E. Pubilc Image & Branding:


In the first half year, we have witnessed another major shift and success in Public Image from simply passive Public Image construction to proactive Branding initiatives by both our District PI & Branding Cmt and individual clubs. 


Thank to PDG Eric and his team for many innovative measures to proactively bringing our Branding message to media both conventional and social that we now have witnessed many media coverage of our major multi-clubs service projects and our major District events. 


This is only the first step. We need to keep on this Branding initiative. Ahead of us is a long and winding road that it withers and requires for many many years of our endeavour before we become succeeded in Rotary Branding.


F. Donation and grant support in The Rotary Foundation: 


Internally, we have reached a record high of total donation to TRF at about 1.1 million US dollars in about 6 months’ time, thanks to both all Major amount donors and those in every level. Notably, we must thank CP Patrick Poon to become the highest level of donation at Foundation Level of AKS, and all the current and new AKS Donors. 


In order to appreciate and highly honor our donors for their major amount donation, we have now established a Wall of Honors on the front wall of our RIC. On the Wall, the names of All AKS Donors, Major Donors Level 3 & 4 are enlisted for our respectful recognition. 


For all levels of donations, we have 66 EREY Clubs, almost 2/3 of total clubs, and 48 PHFs contributed from current Club Presidents, another high record among recent years. Again thank every club President and everyone of our club members. 


Not only just to give, but we have also reached about 60 District grants projects that the awareness among clubs to use our donation to support service projects has again strided a bigger step forward. 


This is the rationale of having arranged the Grant Management Seminar from usually being held in November, the Foundation month, to earlier in August, around the beginning of this Rotary Year when most of our clubs are planning their club services for the Rotary Year. We have achieved more than 100 participants in the Grant Management Seminar held in HK, and we also have held such seminar in respectively Macao and Mongolia. Further enouraging and consultative works are needed for Global Grant because so far, the number of Global Grant submissions are still in the range as in previous years.


G. New initiatives in Selection of Future Governor:


Selection of our future Governor, although an annual District action, is not just a routine manuveur. We regard this a golden opportunity to arouse Rotarians’ concern about how we select our future leader, about who are the candidates, what potentials they possess, how he or she may lead us, and who is finally chosen. 


The main motive is that the more we are concerned and care about this matter, the better is our future leader being understood by our Rotarians and the wider will be the support the leader can generate from our Rotarians.


Hence, We have organized two ever the first initiatives this year concerning the Selection of our Future Governor, namely the Briefing on The Methodology of the selection our District utilizes; and the District Forum on the topic of District Role and Function. Each has attracted more than 60 participants that District owes its duty to these passionate Rotarians for the furtherance to motivate their engagement in promoting a better District and a more enthusiastically supported selection of our future leader. 


Next, before the Selection Date, we will try to organize a Platform for our Governor candidates to let our Rotarians know who they are, what potentials they possess from their own presentation, and how they will lead us if selected. This platform must be a communication platform only, not a competitive one and has to be within the context of avoiding any campaigning, or convassing according to RI’s regulation in selection issue. 


H. Membership:


So far we have a net gain of 128 new members in total and most of them are in existing clubs. There are room for furtherance.


The maneuver of further promotion of membership growth never stops and here I would like to ask for a unified action among All Rotarians:


- To achieve Net Gain in each club;  

- To make our club a family among members by firstly “Be There” Always! 


The efforts to construct New Rotary Clubs from quality members with the passion to serve Rotary and The Community are underway that I would extend my heartfelt thank to PDG Eugene and his team for their great efforts.


I. Major Humanitarian Service Projects: 


This year, we have adopted the notion stated in the Code of Policies 17.010.1 ( April 2018 Mtg., Bd., Dec 16) that :


..... The main purpose of a District is to strenghen and support Clubs. Districts are not required to complete a particular service project or program.


Hence, there is no District Service Project. In this we advocate that:

District is not another Rotary Club. 


So far, District has lent our support to 4 selected main Multi-clubs projects which can exhibit the following purposes:


- mainly local,

- mainly innovative

- mainly has media angle for Rotary Branding through media coverage of the service Projects. 


These projects include:


- help the homeless youths,

- social enterprise Doctor partnership program,

- CPR education and practice among high school students,

microfilm competition among high school students in Macao on the topic of healthy life style among our youngsters. 


We have a Dream, that one day, after many attempts and practices, we Rotary can eventually engrave our Name and Branding in our Community with a single impactful signature multi-clubs local service project that our community can know us well for long because of the impact of the project. 


After all, there are many things we need to accomplish ahead of us that we dare not pause even a while but keep united as a single task force for achieving those delegated targets and expectations from our Rotarians who have selected us and entrusted us to serve them.


Time flies like a sparkling  flash that we have to concentrate our efforts towards those remaining tasks that lie ahead of us especially:


- In membership growth, 

- In Rotaractors values reinstatement,

- In aligning more succession from Interactors to Rotaractors and to Rotarians in the Task Force working group,

- in keeping our District Strategic Planning Committee strong for sustainability in our District,

- in keeping on our supports to our Rotaractors in their preparation of the Interota to be held in RY 2019-20, 

- In laying more concrete foundational works for the strategic sustainability of our District to stride forward. 


Be The Inspiration. 


People of Action.


Only Together we can achieve and Only by being Together we Can mobilize more and more passionate Rotarians to achieve further the above Targets for the Sustainable Long termed Future Good of Our District and Rotary. 


What we have accomplished is not due to my merit, but to all who have worked hard in Clubs or District day and night for the good of Rotary and District.


Thank here every one of our PDGs, our DGE and DGN, our District Team, our District Committee members, our Club Presidents, our club members, Rotaractors and Interactors with their respective leaders and Advisors, and everyone of our RIC Staff. 


Your humbly Serving District Governor,


YC Ho 

2nd January 2019

District Membership Committee
Number of Members 
as at 1 July 2018:    2,353
as at 30 Nov 2018:  2,477
Increase of 124 members
Coming Events

1. New Members Orientation
The one originally scheduled for 21 Nov 2018 was deferred to Feb/March 2019 due to low registration
2. Rotary Mixer
Next one has been scheduled for 27 Dec 2018 evening.  Venue to be decided. Please join and meet potential members.  Also you are welcomed to bring friends too.
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Rotary HK Ultramarathon 2019 - Invitation
Dear Rotarians,


We would like to announce that Rotary HK Ultramarathon 2019 will be held on Mar 24, 2019 (Sunday) in Central. We are seeking your generous support for this impressive event.


This is the 5th year of the event since 2015. Riding on the great success of previous years, we will continue to invite professional running athletes from both local and overseas. We hope it can become a signature event of Rotary which promote a positive image, healthy and team spirit to local and international communities.


As another event highlight, Rotary Carnival is a good fellowship among Clubs, families and friends. It also benefits NGOs for public education and fund raising activities. With around 50 carnival booths and game zone, we believe it will have great public awareness which engage families and kids to have fun during a public holiday.


Relay Team:

-          Rotary Clubs (HK$6,000 / HK$5,400*)

-          Corporate (HK$6,000 / HK$5,400*)

-          Sister Clubs (HK$6,000 / HK$5,400*)

-          Community Service (HK$3,000)

-          New Generations (HK$1,500)


Type of Sponsorship:

-          Diamond Sponsor (HK$300,000)

-          Platinum Sponsor (HK$200,000)

-          Gold Sponsor (HK$100,000)

-          Silver Sponsor (HK$50,000)

-          Bronze Sponsor (HK$30,000)


Other kinds of sponsorship including Advertisements on various channels, Carnival Booth as well as Gala Dinner.


Your sponsorship and participations make the event different! Both Race Registration and Sponsorship are opened for application.


Your earliest feedback will be appreciated. Stay tuned for the event details from our website: www.rotaryhkum.com or Facebook Fanpage: Rotary HK Ultramarathon.


*Early bird offers available from now until Dec 07, 2018.


Yours in Rotary,

Dominic Chu

Organising Committee Chair

2018-19, Rotary Hong Kong Ultramarathon

Email: kpdominic@yahoo.com.hk

Mobile: 852-90366732

Registration Form

Website: www.rotaryhkum.com

FB: https://www.facebook.com/rhkum/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/rotary_hk_ultramarathon/

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