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A message from Foundation Trustee Chair, Ron D. Burton: For many of us, December is a time of reflection about the year that is about to end. We think about the things we resolved to do and compare that with what we actually got done. Many times we surprise ourselves when we realize we achieved even more than we had hoped. We also start thinking about the new year and, with the best of intentions, commit ourselves to even greater accomplishments. 

It is a time when our thoughts turn to the things that are important to us, and nothing is as important as family. We are grateful for those we love and for those who love us. For Rotarians, that encompasses a large number of people around the world, because our concept of family includes not only our immediate relatives but also those many friends we have made over the years sharing Rotary. Each of us is much like a stone thrown into a pond, creating many ripples. When our ripples intersect with the top ripples of our family and friends, we truly have an impact on our world. 

We also think about the organizations that are important to us and that exist because of our generosity as well as the generosity of others. We voluntarily support these organizations and generously contribute our time, talent, and treasure to further their work and make our world a better place for all. And through this work, our family gets even larger. 

Our family and our impact continue to grow each year through our commitment to and support of our Rotary Foundation. Working together creates a synergy that allows one person to truly make a difference. And when we all work together and commit ourselves to a cause, there is no limit to what we can accomplish. In that process we are bound together and become an even more close-knit family. 

So at this special time of year, as you reflect on your family and the good things in your life, think about your Rotary legacy. Now is the time to make your lasting commitment so that the important work of our Foundation will continue in perpetuity. 

I always asked my fellow Rotarians why they joined Rotary? The answers are more or less the same: Meeting new friends and trying to offer services to community (認識朋友,回饋社會)

Yes, they are absolutely correct. We can build up our friendship and fellowship day by day and we will be good friends for a long time. But to offer services to our community, we must do it by immediate action. To Doing Good in the World, we must support The Rotary Foundation by contributions from time to time. This is why we strongly encourage EREY in our district. It is a campaign to involve every Rotarian in the funding and activities of The Rotary Foundation at least one time per year. 

Up to mid-December this year, in the district there are 45 clubs paid up and some 20 clubs committed as EREY Clubs, including 5 clubs in Area 1, 4 clubs in Area 9&10, and 36 clubs in other areas. 

Congratulations to Area 4 as all 10 clubs have paid up as EREY clubs making that Area 4 is an EREY Area for the very first time in history in D3450. Thank you AG and all Presidents of Area 4. 

PDG Jones Wong Chair of DRFC. 
District Membership Committee
Number of Members 
as at 1 July 2018:    2,353
as at 30 Nov 2018:  2,477
Increase of 124 members

Coming Events

1. New Members Orientation
The one originally scheduled for 21 Nov 2018 was deferred to Feb/March 2019 due to low registration
2. Rotary Mixer
Next one has been scheduled for 27 Dec 2018 evening.  Venue to be decided. Please join and meet potential members.  Also you are welcomed to bring friends too.
Rotary HK Ultramarathon 2019 - Invitation
Dear Rotarians,


We would like to announce that Rotary HK Ultramarathon 2019 will be held on Mar 24, 2019 (Sunday) in Central. We are seeking your generous support for this impressive event.


This is the 5th year of the event since 2015. Riding on the great success of previous years, we will continue to invite professional running athletes from both local and overseas. We hope it can become a signature event of Rotary which promote a positive image, healthy and team spirit to local and international communities.


As another event highlight, Rotary Carnival is a good fellowship among Clubs, families and friends. It also benefits NGOs for public education and fund raising activities. With around 50 carnival booths and game zone, we believe it will have great public awareness which engage families and kids to have fun during a public holiday.


Relay Team:

-          Rotary Clubs (HK$6,000 / HK$5,400*)

-          Corporate (HK$6,000 / HK$5,400*)

-          Sister Clubs (HK$6,000 / HK$5,400*)

-          Community Service (HK$3,000)

-          New Generations (HK$1,500)


Type of Sponsorship:

-          Diamond Sponsor (HK$300,000)

-          Platinum Sponsor (HK$200,000)

-          Gold Sponsor (HK$100,000)

-          Silver Sponsor (HK$50,000)

-          Bronze Sponsor (HK$30,000)


Other kinds of sponsorship including Advertisements on various channels, Carnival Booth as well as Gala Dinner.


Your sponsorship and participations make the event different! Both Race Registration and Sponsorship are opened for application.


Your earliest feedback will be appreciated. Stay tuned for the event details from our website: www.rotaryhkum.com or Facebook Fanpage: Rotary HK Ultramarathon.


*Early bird offers available from now until Dec 07, 2018.


Yours in Rotary,

Dominic Chu

Organising Committee Chair

2018-19, Rotary Hong Kong Ultramarathon

Email: kpdominic@yahoo.com.hk

Mobile: 852-90366732

Registration Form

Website: www.rotaryhkum.com

FB: https://www.facebook.com/rhkum/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/rotary_hk_ultramarathon/

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